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Which rights do you have during a foreclosure?

With foreclosures in the Dallas area on the rise, we are hearing more and more questions about the rights that homeowners have during the foreclosure process. Foreclosure is obviously a challenging and confusing time, and understanding your rights is crucial for navigating the process effectively. Since we know more people are searching for these answers, I wanted to outline the key rights you have as a homeowner in Texas during foreclosure.

Right to Notice

Notice Before Acceleration: In Texas, before your lender can accelerate your loan (demand the full balance), they must provide you with a notice that gives you at least 20 days to “cure the default” (the official term for paying off the overdue amount and late fees). (more…)

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How Foreclosure Works In Texas

Nobody wants to think about their home getting foreclosed, but it happens. If you’re getting behind on your mortgage payments or fear you might in the future, then you need to be proactive and learn how foreclosures work in Texas and how to stop foreclosure from happening to you.  (more…)

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