Bill collectors want only one thing from you: money! Your money is the only thing that will stop them from calling you and writing you – unless you have a bankruptcy attorney. An experienced attorney can tell you the truth about what bill collectors legally can and cannot do – which takes away their ability to use scare tactics on you.

Even though the law says that bill collectors can only call you at certain times and at certain places, these rules get violated – in our experience, every day, on a regular basis. The penalties for violating these laws are small compared to the money that can be collected by violating them. That’s why many bill collectors use fake names or call from outside your state. Who are you going to sue? You don’t really know who called you.

Once your bankruptcy case is filed, the bill collectors have to stop immediately.  In fact, it is illegal for them to continue any collection activities. Their only option is to contact your lawyer. That means no more nasty calls, no more “dunning” letters, no more calls at work, and no more sleepless nights.

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