bankruptcy might be closer than you think

According to the latest US Census data (from 2010), the average family has $7,360 in revolving debt (typically, mostly credit cards). The data also shows that the average household owes $11,244 in student loans, $8,163 on automobiles, and $70,322 on a mortgage.

Total that all up, and that’s $97,089 in debt – and we know that current data shows that the average debt per family has increased.

It doesn’t take much to push a family over the edge of a downward spiral. If you’re living anywhere close to paycheck to paycheck, or if you don’t have much in savings, a single event can put you in a situation where debt skyrockets.

If you lose your job, or get in a major car accident, or have a significant health issue – anything that interrupts your ability to work and bring in money – you could find yourself in a downward debt spiral.

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people. If you’ve had a similar bump in the road and you’re overwhelmed with debt, bankruptcy could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

More and more Americans are realizing that the stigma about bankruptcy isn’t really a reality, and that bankruptcy can help them turn their lives around. Debt collection calls stop immediately… Repossessions are halted… Foreclosures are halted.

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