Are you struggling with out-of-control debt and just cannot seem to catch up? Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the solution you have been looking for. If you make more than a certain amount, you will not be eligible to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which typically eliminates most debt. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for people who have a regular income but need to have their debts reorganized so they can make payments to catch up. If you are behind on your mortgage or car payments, a Chapter 13 filing will help you get caught up without losing your property.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, a payment plan is created where you repay your creditors over a 3- to 5-year period. Your plan will include a detailed list of payments that will occur during that time period. Your creditors will be legally required to stop any and all debt collection attempts immediately. In general, you’ll get to keep your property, and your creditors will end up with less money than they are owed.

No more threat of foreclosure. No more threat of repossession. You keep all of your property and have time to catch up on your debts. Your property is protected from seizure from creditors, including mortgage and other lien holders, as long as the proposed payments are made and necessary insurance coverages remain in place.

How will a Chapter 13 bankruptcy affect your credit?

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 7 years from the date of filing, unlike a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which stays on your credit report for 10 years from the date of filing. A bankruptcy might make credit less available and/or terms less favorable, although having too much debt can also have the same effect. Many of our clients are able to get credit cards or even new vehicles once their bankruptcy case is finished.

Let Rubin & Associates help with your Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Fort Worth

Rubin & Associates has been a Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney for almost 30 years, and we have helped thousands of Fort Worth and Dallas-area residents get a fresh start with their finances. Call or text today to set up a free consultation, where one of our attorneys will meet with you to help determine the correct approach to solving your debt problems. We will help you determine whether bankruptcy is the right choice, and if so, if you qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We don’t great you like “just another number” – unlike other Fort Worth bankruptcy attorneys, we truly care about our clients and their families. We work hard and put in extra effort to ensure that you understand what’s going on through every step of your bankruptcy case. We always ensure that all requirements are fulfilled so the bankruptcy goes smoothly. 

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people. Don’t buy into the myth that bankruptcy is only for irresponsible people. You are not alone, there are literally thousands of Fort Worth residents who file for bankruptcy every year. Call or text us today to set up a free consultation and evaluation of your situation.

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