Filing for bankruptcy can be a confusing process. Many people struggle financially, and when the debt becomes overwhelming, they’re unsure of how to go about getting out of debt. Filing for bankruptcy can erase debt and provide a fresh start.

Incredibly, some people ask about filing for bankruptcy without a lawyer. Anyone can file for bankruptcy without an attorney, but it’s an incredibly complicated process, and we’d never suggest any such attempt.

Please – if you have questions about filing for bankruptcy or would like to know why you really need to have an experienced lawyer in your corner, call us for a free consultation at 214-760-7777.

Just in case you’re still thinking about trying to file on your own, we’ve put together a list of a few of the problems associated with filing for bankruptcy without an attorney.

1. Bankruptcy isn’t the best option

Bankruptcy isn’t right for every financial situation, so you might not even need to file. Sometimes people think that bankruptcy can solve a problem that won’t get fixed at all. Confusion about what bankruptcy can and cannot do can easily be cleared up during a debt consultation with an attorney.

We won’t push you to file – we’ll explain all the available options and let you make your own educated decision.

2. Right book, wrong chapter

For most personal bankruptcies, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are what would need to be filed. However, filing under the wrong chapter is a very common problem with people who don’t seek the help of an experienced attorney. Each chapter is different, and not everyone qualifies for both. If you’re someone with a home that’s facing foreclosure, then filing for Chapter 13 is going to be the best option. However, if you don’t have any large assets, but are struggling because of income issues, then Chapter 7 might be the best way to go. Filing under the correct chapter can prevent the loss of property and ensure that debts are discharged correctly.

3. Issues filing paperwork

Like we mentioned earlier, bankruptcy can be a confusing process – and the paperwork is no exception. If you’re trying to file on your own, this is likely your first time filing certain forms and documents at your local court office. Bankruptcy attorneys are well-versed in local court rules and the filing process, and how complicated it can all be – so we know that it can be very helpful to have someone experienced helping you when filing important financial documents.

If you’re struggling with debt and want to learn more about filing for bankruptcy, we offer a free debt consultation at Rubin and Associates. We have three offices in the Dallas area and can help you get back on the path to financial freedom today. We know that thinking about filing for bankruptcy on your own is stressful, so let us relieve some of that stress and give us a call for a today at (214) 760-7777 today.