If you’re like most Dallas area residents who are struggling with debt, you’re wondering how you’re going to catch up – and if possibly, bankruptcy might help you. Many of our clients call us because they’re not sure how bankruptcy works, or which chapter they should file. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will walk through your financial picture, then explain your various options.

If you’re curious about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, our latest video explains the primary difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. If you think that Chapter 7 might apply to your situation, please call us – we’d be glad to help get you the fresh start you deserve.


Chapter 7 proceedings are available to people who basically can’t afford to pay their debts as they come due. So if you’re out there struggling with credit card payments or medical bills, then generally this is the right case for you.

If you’re behind on house payments and car payments, then a Chapter 7 generally is not the right type of case – because it’s not restructuring your financial picture.

This is a type of case that allows you to eliminate what we call “unsecured debt”, which is debt which does not have a lien on property in this type of proceeding.

So, if you’ve hit that bump in the road financially and if you’re out there struggling and stressing about debt, please give us a call at 214-760-7777. Let us walk you through your financial picture, and let’s make some good decisions for you.