Filing bankruptcy doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Not at all, in fact. Most of the time, it just means you got stuck in a bad debt situation.

Lots of good, honest, hard-working people get stuck in bad debt situations. Most people who file bankruptcy are good people who’ve had a few bad things happen to them. One bad “bump in the road” can set you down the path to bankruptcy – the sudden loss of your job or a car accident is all it takes for most people.

Let’s face it, life can be brutal. That’s why you buy life insurance, and homeowners insurance, and car insurance. And that’s why you have bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is “debt insurance”. Bankruptcy was created by the U.S. Congress and designed as a safety net to give good people just like you a way to get free from the burden of debt and a second chance at a fresh start.

While it functions like debt insurance, it’s not something you need to make payments on “in case it happens” like most insurance – it’s simply there when you need it, if you need it. If something happens to push you over the edge into out-of-control debt, you’ve got bankruptcy there to save you.

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