5 scary things that bankruptcy can save you fromIt’s Halloween, so we thought it would be appropriate to share 5 scary things that bankruptcy can save you from. If you’re overwhelmed with debt, the situation can get scary quickly, and rising stress levels make the situation even worse.

Bankruptcy was designed to give people just like you a second chance. Wouldn’t you like a fresh start, with no stress and no fear? Here are the 5 scariest things that bankruptcy can save you from:

1. Getting deeper in debt

Many times, if you’re overwhelmed with debt, you’ll resort to any means possible to stay afloat. Additional loans or credit cards will only make your situation worse, and the more debt you accumulate, the harder it will be to catch up. When you file for bankruptcy, the cycle is broken. Many times, your debt can be completely erased.

2. Becoming more stressed out

If you’re drowning in debt, it’s a stressful situation. When you start missing payments, the stress level rises. When you get so far behind that you can’t catch up, and you’re getting collection calls constantly… the stress level can be unbearable, and you can be afraid to even get out of bed in the morning. Filing bankruptcy can end the stress immediately so you’re not scared to live your life.

3. Collection calls

Like we just mentioned, when you get far enough behind, the collection calls will start. They’ll call you at all hours of the day; at home, at work, and on your mobile phone. It seems like there’s no escape from the harassment, and you’ll quickly become scared of any telephone ringing… but bankruptcy can help. By law, collection calls have to stop immediately once you file bankruptcy.

4. Losing your car

Once the debt spiral gets far enough out of control and you’ve missed a few car payments, you’ll be in danger of repossession. There’s nothing more terrifying than losing your only means of transportation. Bankruptcy can prevent repossession and let you keep your car or truck.

5. Losing your house

Foreclosure is absolutely terrifying. If you lose your house, your family won’t have anywhere to live… Where would you go? What would you do? Filing bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure process immediately and protect your home. Don’t lose your house to repossession – call us today!

Bankruptcy was created to help people just like you get the fresh start that they deserve. Call us at 214-760-7777 for a free debt consultation, and we’ll walk you through all of your options. We’ll explain how bankruptcy can help, so that the only thing that’s scary this Halloween will be the costumes of the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood.