Check out this review from a happy client

//Check out this review from a happy client

Check out this review from a happy client

Rubin & Associates reviews from happy clients in DallasIt’s always great to hear from happy clients… Bad things can happen to good people, and we love to help hard working Dallas area residents get a fresh start. Here’s an awesome review left recently by Mr. Shaw:

Mr. Rubin was at the 341 meeting with me in Plano. Sitting there nervously waiting, I was relieved to see Mr. Rubin walk in. This process is new to me. I was very apprehensive and a bit depressed in the first meeting with Mr. Rubin. I felt ashamed and feeling I had failed in my responsibilities. I left the meeting feeling a bit better with the confidence and knowledge that Mr. Rubin showed.

The entire staff I have been involved with at your offices have all been very pleasant, helpful and respectful, and left me feeling much more comfortable about this whole process.

After leaving the meeting yesterday with Mr. Rubin in the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Office, I wanted him to know how much I appreciate his efforts and his work. Being represented by someone so comfortable in his abilities and knowledge has put me and my family at ease and confident that we have done the right thing and the future looks much better.

In my work as a Commercial Pilot, I strive to be as knowledgeable, proficient and confident in my flying as I can be, so that my passengers are relaxed and comfortable and safe on their flight. I take that responsibility very seriously. Its a good feeling at the end of a difficult flight to see their appreciation. Not unlike what Mr. Rubin has done for me. I can see that he takes his job and responsibilities very seriously as well.

Please tell him and his staff, thank you, for me and my family. We are very grateful.

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Mark is dedicated to helping families in North Texas through difficult financial problems. He insists on a personal touch that most bankruptcy attorneys in Dallas are too busy to provide. Call today for a free consultation and speak directly with Mark.


  1. Jim Martin February 1, 2018 at 8:26 pm - Reply

    I would like to share my thoughts of admiration and appreciation for Attorney, Mr. Mark Rubin and his associates. After many years of financial stress from various circumstances, I called Mr. Rubin’s office after hearing his reviews on the radio. He returned my call within the same day and we spoke briefly about my situation. Mark suggested that I come into his office, and after a more detailed analysis, he would advise me as to what path to take in order to resolve my financial state of affairs.

    We had one meeting; and at the conclusion, Mr. Rubin suggested that I file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. He gave me a detailed breakdown of all that was required and the time frame involved. About two months later, I had one more meeting in his office with one of his associates. And within about 7 weeks, I was in a bankruptcy hearing in downtown Dallas. There were several other individuals present who were also filing various types of bankruptcy, many of whom were represented by Mr. Rubin.

    I was fascinated at what I saw as each client went before the trustee with Mark as their representative. He was so gracious and personal, and very thoughtful to each person or couple as their review was being conducted. His professionalism and kindness were a mix that is seldom seen with any attorney / client relationship, especially in a governmental hearing.

    Needless to say, Mark represented me in the same manner, and everything went as well as he had forecasted. From my first telephone call to his office with his receptionist, all the way through my final day of review, Mark Rubin was every bit of the person and attorney that others have spoken about. His staff, those of whom I have met and dealt with, were exceptional and have willingly shared with me their high regard and respect for Mr. Mark Rubin as an attorney, as their employer, and as their friend. I can truly speak from my heart when I say Mark Rubin is a wonderful attorney and human being who honestly cares about the well-being and feelings of those he serves. He is a true gentleman and he knows what he is doing! I now consider Mark Rubin to be a sincere friend of mine. ..Jim

    • Mark Rubin February 7, 2018 at 11:32 am - Reply

      Jim – Thank you so much for the awesome words. It was my pleasure to represent your bankruptcy case, and I’m glad to be your friend as well!

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