bankruptcy mythsWhen potential clients call us, they’re usually pretty scared. When you’re drowning in controllable debt and you’re in danger of losing your car or your house, being afraid is understandable.

When you’re scared, it’s easy to believe just about anything you hear. There are tons of myths and misconceptions about bankruptcy floating around, so we thought it’d be helpful to dispel some of the more common myths. So without further ado, here’s the truth behind the 5 most common myths about bankruptcy:

1) Only bad people file for bankruptcy

Bad things happen to good people all the time. It doesn’t take much to start a downward spiral of debt – a sudden job loss, a salary reduction, or an accident with huge medical bills might be all it takes to cause your debts to spiral out of control. Bankruptcy laws were created to give good people a fresh start – you’re definitely not alone!

2) You’ll lose all your stuff if you file for bankruptcy

This awful myth is probably the biggest deterrent to filing for bankruptcy. Most people assume that when you file for bankruptcy, you’ll lose all your assets – including your house and your car. Luckily, bankruptcy laws exist so you can get a fresh start AND keep your property. Texas bankruptcy law includes certain exemptions for personal assets, which are meant to protect your car, your home, your retirement plan, and your property. In almost every bankruptcy case, our clients were able to keep everything they had.

3) You won’t have any more debt after you file for bankruptcy

Yes, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate most kinds of debt, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be completely debt-free after your case. Certain types of debt are protected by law, so they’re not included in bankruptcy cases. If you owe child support, alimony, or student loans, you’ll still be responsible for those debts after your bankruptcy case is finished.

4) Everyone will know that I filed for bankruptcy

Thanks to social media and news sites, we quickly hear about celebrities or executives of large corporations who file for bankruptcy. For the rest of us, bankruptcy happens with much less fanfare. If you file for bankruptcy, no one other than your attorney and your creditors will know.

5) I’ll never get credit again if I file for bankruptcy

Most of our clients are surprised at how quickly they find their mailbox flooded with offers from credit card companies. You’ll have to be careful though – the offers will come from subprime lenders and will have high interest rates attached. With some responsible spending and a bit of time, it’s definitely possible to establish credit again.

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