5 things to do after you file bankruptcy

//5 things to do after you file bankruptcy

5 things to do after you file bankruptcy

what to do after bankruptcyYou’ve just filed your bankruptcy case, and now you’re on pins and needles. You’ve gotten all the paperwork together, answered all our “lawyer questions”, and filed all your schedules with the court. What happens now?

Actually – not much… Most of the work has already been done at this point.

It’s important to stay engaged, though. You don’t want to hand everything to your attorney and then go silent.

We get the “what next?” question all the time, so we thought we’d put together this list of 5 things to do AFTER you’ve filed your bankruptcy case.

1. Ask us questions

If you don’t understand something, let us know! Let us know you’re confused and we’ll take the time to explain things.

2. Open all your mail

Most of our clients are tired of collection notices, so they’re not quick to open their mail. Make sure you’re opening everything so you’ll see anything we send to you. We’ll send you a copy of everything so you know what’s going on and what we’re doing for you.

3. Respond quickly

If we ask you for information or any documents, don’t make us wait. Bankruptcy cases typically move pretty quickly, so we don’t want a delay to complicate your case.

4. Keep us posted

Major life events can affect a bankruptcy case. If you’ve changed jobs, lost your job, had a major accident, or moved, you need to let us know.

5. Don’t worry!

Bankruptcy is confusing and scary – but our staff does this all the time. We have years of experience with bankruptcy cases, and most cases have no unexpected complications.

We’re always here to help! If you’ve got questions or concerns, or you just need something explained, give us a call and we’ll explain whatever you need.

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